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3ABN Camp meeting and Ten Commendments Weekend comming up soon!

This Years 3ABN's Camp meeting and Ten Commandments weekend is starting from tomorrow May 27th to Friday May 30th. This years Camp meeting will be broad casted Live as every year. For the Spring Camp Meeting this year, they are having Pastor C.D. Brooks as keynote speaker on opening night. Then Thursday evening they invite you to listen in as their panel guests answer Bible questions from the audience.
All day on Thursday and Friday they'll have seminars by some incredible speakers and teachers, as well as uplifting music by members of 3ABN's musical family artists!
Plans for this year's Spring Camp Meeting are coming together, and as May 27 quickly approaches, Have you made plans to join in person? If you can't, then be sure to tune in to 3ABN's daily live broadcasts.

Are you going to go in person? or see it live? Leave a comment!

Todo Adventista Techs

Todo Adventista Techs

Nos encanta escribir y informar a las personas de nuestra comunidad cristiana-adventista sobre lo que esta pasando en nuestra iglesia, ademas de tambien dar recursos para el crecimiento espiritual de nuestros lectores. Esperamos que la informacion que compartimos en este blog, sea de bendicion para todos ustedes. -Todo Adventista Techs

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