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Interview with Ana Laura

The methods vary from instance to instance, but the message remains the same: "You're not good enough." Young people coming of age in this new millennium face this idea every day, from peers, from authority figures, from the mass media communication swirling around them constantly: "You can't be this, you can't do that, you'll never have the other because you're not good enough."

As a girl growing up in the decidedly mixed culture of Brownsville, Texas, Ana Laura thought the same thing…until she realized that, through the power of Christ, with passion, talent, determination and hard work, she could be more than good enough, and she could share that message through the very medium that so often delivers the negative: music. Ana Laura invites listeners to take a glimpse into what the world can look like through the prism of faith and a plethora of musical styles, both modern and classic, on her self-titled Reunion Records debut, Ana Laura.

Ana Laura describes herself as a walking contradiction: at one moment self-assured then skittish, quiet then projecting volume, grounded in reality then expressing whimsical ideas. The 19-year-old Texas native is an artistic contradiction as well, merging her love of classical music, traditional orchestral-laced pop and flashes of potent rock into one of the most well-rounded debut records in years.

The versatility, energy and maturity that gushes forth from Ana Laura's music comes from a place of wanting to be as artistic as she can possibly be, as sophisticated as she can possibly be, and as well spoken as she can possibly be, born from the hybrid culture she grew up part of in South Texas. "My vision of pop culture is a lot different than I imagine the rest of America's is," Ana Laura says. "Where I grew up, you have the Americanized view and the Mexicanized view. I love America, but I also love my Mexican culture. Pop culture has become slang. I'd like to see it have a little more class, a little more cultured. It's become weird to be good and sweet and nice and proper, and I'd like to see that brought back."

to be continued....

Source: ChristianityToday
Todo Adventista Techs

Todo Adventista Techs

Nos encanta escribir y informar a las personas de nuestra comunidad cristiana-adventista sobre lo que esta pasando en nuestra iglesia, ademas de tambien dar recursos para el crecimiento espiritual de nuestros lectores. Esperamos que la informacion que compartimos en este blog, sea de bendicion para todos ustedes. -Todo Adventista Techs

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