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Student calling to serve God through Radio and TV!

Jecsy Villamizar herself does this note for PCJoven. In it she describes Gods calling to follow this career path and confesses how everything started. The entire article is from PCJoven website.

I could start by telling you about the miracles God has done in my life, or
about the adventures I’ve experienced in my 21 years of life. Or I could tell
you that I was born in Colombia, or I could even tell you that I’m pursuing a
major in broadcast journalism with a Spanish minor at Southern Adventist
, but… I have chosen to tell you about what has stolen my heart –
serving the Lord through TV and radio. My story begins when I was 13 living in
Colombia. I discovered I loved being behind a microphone when I started working
at “Intelectores,” a radio program focused on promoting reading. Even though we
didn’t have TV at home, I always dreamed about becoming a TV program host.
Little did I know that God was going to give me “exceedingly, abundantly above
all that ‘I’ ask or think” (Eph. 3:20).A few years later God brought me to the
United States and made it clear that He wanted me to work for Him by opening
several doors; one of the opportunities was a non-Christian radio station where
we were able to talk about Jesus. By this time, I already knew that my calling
in life was to share the gospel through media. God blessed by giving me parents
that have not only supported my dreams, but have also shared the same passion
for ministering through media. My parents conduct “Ondas de Esperanza” (Waves of
Hope), a Christian radio program. Currently I’m involved in three ministries.
One is “Sevenday radio” (sevendayradio.com), an online Christian program where I
produce a two-hour music program daily. It’s a joy to broadcast the gospel to
the whole world from my room. I praise the Lord when I receive comments from
listeners telling me how blessed they are from the program. Another ministry is
PCJovenes (pcjovenes.com) where I produce and host two podcasts; one is
devotional and the other is an Adventist newscast. I’ve been a part of PCJovenes
for three years now. It’s such blessing to see the statistics of how many people
are listening to the devotionals. Knowing that we’re reaching our goal to share
the gospel encourages me to continue producing this program. According to
Podomatic.com, the devotional was downloaded 105,423 times in the year 2008.

Not having enough, God’s led me into TV ministries. I produce and host a Spanish
talk show called “Punto de Encuentro” (Encounter Point), a program focused on
presenting solutions for problems the Spanish community faces. Doctors,
psychologists, teachers, and social workers are invited to the program to share
their insight. As a college student living two hours from Atlanta where the
program is recorded, a challenge has been covering travel expenses twice a
month. But, the Lord has provided financially through people that are willing to
support this ministry. I’m thrilled to be able to work for God in this field,
and even though it’s sometimes challenging to find time to manage school and
work, I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to serve Him in this early stage
of my life. I believe the Lord uses young people to make a difference through
their willingness and talents. Using what we love to do to serve Him will speed
His coming. This is what has stolen my heart and has become my calling. Jecsy
Villamizar is a junior broadcast journalism major who will be interning at CNN
en Español
this summer.
By Jecsy Villamizar

Todo Adventista Techs

Todo Adventista Techs

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