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Todo Cadet Sisters!

The Cadet Sisters have performed to God’s glory in many churches and participated in concerts and camp meetings, and convocations in a number of states, including Utah, California, Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada, Alabama, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Oregon, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Washington. They have performed before crowds at some colleges and universities numbering over 1,000 people.

Their music can be heard on some Christian radio stations. They have performed at ASI meetings, and the North American Division Youth Leadership Convention in 2004. They have appeared on Kids Time and 3ABN Presents, aired on the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), one of the largest Christian Networks that reaches every continent in the world. They have also been featured on Purely Music, a program aired on Safe TV, reaching millions both here in the U.S. and abroad.
The Cadet Sisters have been singing together since 1990.
Their singing career began during a talent praise program at the Hyde Park Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in Chicago, Illinois. The oldest daughter, Natalie, 4 years old at the time sang with Tatiana, age 3. As the other sisters were born (Nadege, Michaelle, and Melissa) and began to cultivate their voices, they joined their older siblings. People often said that they sounded like chipmunks. The youngest daughter, Gianna, is currently three years old and awaits her turn to join the group.

Whereas most female groups sing 2 to 3-part harmony, the Cadet Sisters are unique in that they sing 4 to 5-part harmony. They are probably the only female vocalist group singing this number of parts at their age (which range from 11 to 17). To accomplish this level of competence, they practice Monday through Friday as part of their home schooling curriculum. Natalie arranges and teaches the parts, playing the piano when needed.

The Cadet Sisters are actively involved in diverse church activities and community functions. As a result of Their commitment, willingness to serve, and love for God, they appeal to both young and old. In addition to their singing, they are currently working with the Bangladesh Christian School Sponsorship of America (BCSSA), a ministry that builds orphanages and schools for less fortunate children in Bangladesh and India. They also enjoy school, reading, cooking, family outings, bike riding, and a good Bible discussion.

The Cadets Sisters new CD has been released sience 2008 and it is called "Expressions" A Timeless Legacy of Negro Spirituals. If you wish to buy it click HERE

Todo Adventista Techs

Todo Adventista Techs

Nos encanta escribir y informar a las personas de nuestra comunidad cristiana-adventista sobre lo que esta pasando en nuestra iglesia, ademas de tambien dar recursos para el crecimiento espiritual de nuestros lectores. Esperamos que la informacion que compartimos en este blog, sea de bendicion para todos ustedes. -Todo Adventista Techs

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Abbey dijo...

Love the Cadet sisters they are really gifted! thanks for the info! God bless!

Anónimo dijo...

amo las chicas cadet, siempre las ponen en 3abn y me encantan sus canciones! gracias por la informacion!

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